Who is Beyer Patch

Vickie works for the Poweshiek County Extension Service in Montezuma for Iowa State University and 4-H.  Much of her time there is spent with Iowa State University managing the numerous projects that Poweshiek County 4-H kids participate in. Vickie enjoys mentoring community youth in farm and agriculture activities. Especially the livestock projects and photography.

Out side of her job Vickie enjoys helping to promote the Iowa Sheep and Goat industries. Along with other leaders in the industry Vickie participates in clinics and continuing education when she is not tending to her own flocks.

Vickie maintains about 200 white face cross lambing ewes and 60 plus American Boer Goats. In addition to those duties she also has several livestock guardian dogs to help protect the flock, a few horses, a large flock of free range chickens and her stock dog Josie (shown here working ducks).

Vickie’s hobbies include photography, reading, horseback riding and camping with the family-especially the granddaughters. She breaks them in early the youngest went to camp the first time at 3 months old. It was FUN!

Most of the photo’s included on this site are photo’s Vickie has taken. See her cover picture of the SHEEP magazine on the Dog page.

Dennis is a self employed Farrier and farmer. Dennis helps maintain all of Vickie’s above ventures with his mechanical prowess and his physical ability. He keeps shoes on the horses, gates and waters all working (no small feat in Iowa) and is also responsible for fencing, manure management and feed procurement and distribution. In addition to mid-wife duties (when Vickie is unavailable)general health care of the flock and of course hoof care.

In other words he is responsible for anything and everything that doesn’t work or doesn’t work the way Vickie wants it to. In addition he does all the things she can’t do or doesn’t have time to.

Dennis also enjoys fishing, hiking to fish and camping with the family to fish and especially fishing with his granddaughters(they bait their own hooks).

*NOTE* Dennis is a RANCHER and COWBOY. The real farm name is

Beyer Land and Cattle CO.
Sheep Division
Ha Ha

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